Prayers For Peace:

God, I would that those who lead our country, and those who live in our country, are ones to remember you are our leader, and only love shall prevail in their actions.  Child that I am, I believe my prayer to you is heard.  I ask for Peace and Prosperity for all of my brothers.  
In Peace and Love, and so it is.

Child that I am, I believe, God, you are there.  I believe in the brotherhood of man.  I believe that you lead us, no matter what it may appear.  I have faith in you and your hand, and I will believe in the presence of love, not war.  I ask that peace and prosperity shall be the way of all of my brothers.  And so it is.

"The Way of Change"
Self Help Healing

The Way of Change is a tool which can be used for the rest of your life. Whenever you feel there's a block in your life, read the book again.


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"The Book of Healing"
self help healing

This powerful book has brought peace and healing to many. Now you have an opportunity to bring about healing in your life.

Higher Guidance shares special prayers to assist you in your personal healing journey.

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"The Angel in the Hood" Movie

This is a family film dedicated to families who care about their children's exposure to drugs.

This film presents a new way to face this issue as well as the other tough issues our children are faced with everyday.


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The Life Changing Tapes listed to the right are our top 5 pick.

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#189 God Speaks, a Meditation
#43 What Does it Mean to Follow the Will of God?
#15 There is No Death, Only Life
#230 Judging Another is Our Learning
#80 To Live Without Fear

Prayer For Fear!

Higher Guidance gave us a prayer to dispel any fear you start to feel. Say it three times.

"I am one to know the Love of my God, and in this I am safe, secure, and blessed."

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