Hello Angel. It’s so good you found your way here.

Jinger is a heart and soul-centered nurturer who was born to encourage and uplift others. She is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Christian Mystic, natural Psychic/Empath, certified Angel Channel/Intuitive and Astro-Numerologist. She works with spiritual entrepreneurs and lightworkers helping them unlock their voice and do their work.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. These times, more than anything else, demands new thinking from more multidimensional perspectives.”

– Albert Einstein

“When you see them, don’t touch them.”  Her grandmother was clairvoyant and was talking about the angels and spirits she could see. Jinger grew up in a family where the sixth sense was normal.  She was in her grandmother’s garden, at age three, when she first saw the colors and auras around flowers. Jinger learned to cook from her grandmother, who never used a recipe. She truly believes her grandmother channeled the angels when she made her banana pudding.

When Jinger was a teenager, she asked God to close her gifts to hear and see. She believed there would be no use for them in her future. She married, had children and began a career in education. She was not aware that these gifts came from God and were her destiny. When she asked to close her gifts, she stopped her contribution to humanity and her voice in the world. It would cost her dearly, first spiritually and then physically in the years to come.

She raised her boys to men and joyfully fulfilled that segment of her life purpose. During this time, her health failed. She had the Epstein Barr virus, chronic fatigue, from childhood and it began to take it’s a toll on her energy. She was in her weekly doctor’s appointment when she received a shock. Her ear, nose and throat medical doctor looked her straight in the eyes and in a very serious manner said, “I can’t help you.”

Jinger was devastated as she walked out of the doctor's office. She did not have the first idea of where to turn for help. Knowing Jesus is the master healer, she prayed to Him and asked for healing. That night as she laid her spent body down on the bed, she prayed for the angels and God to send a message for a new direction in her life. Before this event, she knew absolutely nothing about alternative healing. Thus a new journey began that would ultimately help facilitate her spiritual reawakening.

“Once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Her health improved, and life was moving along when one day the angels and God came calling. It wasn’t a whisper or a nudge; it was the clear, booming voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “It’s time to begin your spiritual journey.” A hefty dose of her internal “yeah but’s” began opposing the call. Yeah, but I have a job. Yeah, but the kids are still in school. Yeah, but I don’t know what I’d do. Yeah, but I’m not sure this is my path. Yeah, but you want me to do what??! The appointed time for her spiritual growth had arrived and when the energy shifted, so did her entire world.

God has a plan for your life and the angels are his messengers. Are you ready to access the power within your spirit and soul? You can now, step into the fullness of who you are designed to be. Awaken the gift God has already “given” to you.


Jillian Elliot
Jillian Elliot


“Jinger is one of the most accurate and inspiring channelers I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving a reading from. She was able to tap into my higher-self, my spirit team as well as communicate with the Angels and Goddesses who surround me. The reading I received was so thorough; it covered all aspects of my life. I am eternally grateful for Jinger and her expert-level abilities. 

She also checked back in with me a few days later to see how I was doing and I thought that was just the sweetest. Thank you Jinger for all you do! Please keep sharing your talents with the world and keep shining that light bright. Love you!” - Jillian Elliot, owner of Wanderlust Findings

Wanderlust Findings is all about pairing crystalline tools with your personal frequency. All crystals are intuitively chosen based on vibration, crystal speak and guidance from the Angels.


"I was delighted with my Angel Reading that I received from Rev. Jinger. I discovered that Archangel Raphael is with me with his gorgeous Green, Heart Opening Energy. I am making prayer beaded necklaces and I was struggling with which stone to use for the heart. Archangel Raphael showed me malachite. I was reminded to always ask the Archangels for help." - K.F., Designer


"Thank you so much for the reading you gave to me. As an intuitive myself, I enjoy getting different perspectives from other readers. What began as an angel reading quickly evolved into a medium session. First, you were correct, I did meet a powerful woman who will be very lucrative to my business. I met her 3 days after you told me I would. Second, your words about my incoming child spirit perfectly matched what I've intuited as well as what other readers have told me. I enjoyed the vivid detail you gave me about this little fey spirit. I look forward to telling you the good news when this child arrives. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gifts with me. I wish you much success on your path. Much Love & Appreciation" - Brenda Renee'


"Wow oh wow! I believe our paths were meant to cross! Just the reading I needed today after hearing some news." - Monique. CO


"Archangel Jophiel you are with me and gave the exact message I needed when I asked. You are new to me and thank you for showing up to tell me to slow down and that it takes time for a seedling to push through and grow. You helped me not to be resigned but to accept things as they are and begin again. Thank you Rev. Jinger, my heart is at peace after receiving this message." - C.C., Retired Judge


"Rev Jinger: When you open your heart and give messages, I hear wisdom. Thank you for helping me." - Bob, MD